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Fossil Fuel Divestment and Reinvestment Movement Demonstrates Growth as Green Century Equity Fund Hits Milestone

September 3, 2014

The movement to divest from fossil fuel companies, led principally by, has been growing rapidly. More and more, investors want to rid their portfolios of coal, oil and gas companies, and invest in more sustainable companies.

Green Century’s fossil fuel free Equity Fund surpassed $100 million in August 2014, growing by over $20 million in total net assets since April 1, 2014, when it screened out the last remaining gas companies and any companies with significant carbon fuel reserves.

“The rapid growth of the Green Century Equity Fund is a meaningful marker for everyone supporting the fossil fuel free investing movement” stated Leslie Samuelrich, President of Green Century Capital Management, the advisor to the Green Century Funds. “We are thrilled that investors can align their financial concerns about carbon risk with their moral concerns about a warming planet” stated Samuelrich.

“I think individuals, financial advisors, schools and churches are turning to Green Century because we aren’t just dabbling in the issue to see if we can increase market share. Green Century has not invested in coal or major oil companies for many years, and we are proud that Green Century is the first family of responsible, diversified, fossil fuel free mutual funds in the nation,” stated Samuelrich. “We believe that this new wave of investors wants experienced mutual fund managers who are authentically green.”

The Green Century Funds have been helping investors avoid the worst polluters and the potential risks that these companies may pose since 1992.  Green Century Capital Management employs a triple bottom-lined approach: screened investments, shareholder advocacy, and a unique ownership structure – it is founded and owned by nonprofit environmental organizations.

You should consider the Funds’ investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses carefully before investing. To obtain a Prospectus that contains this and other information about the Funds, please click here, email, or call 1-800-93-GREEN. Please read the Prospectus carefully before investing.

Stocks will fluctuate in response to factors that may affect a single company, industry, sector, or the market as a whole and may perform worse than the market. Bonds are subject to risks including interest rate, credit, and inflation. The Funds’ environmental criteria limit the investments available to the Funds compared to mutual funds that do not use environmental criteria.

This information has been prepared from sources believed to be reliable. The views expressed are as of the date of this writing and are those of the Advisor to the Funds.

The Green Century Funds are distributed by UMB Distribution Services, LLC, 9/14