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Important Victories in Shareholder Advocacy: Tyson Foods and WPX Energy

February 6, 2014 — We’re proud to announce two important environmental victories, achieved through shareholder action. (Scroll down for the second announcement.)

Green Century pressures WPX Energy to Protect Pennsylvania Family

Tammy Manning and her family depended on her water tank for safe drinking water. But in December, WPX Energy* wanted to take the tank away. Our quick action was part of the solution – that kept her family safe.

Last year, Tammy’s granddaughter Madison was getting sick. The family had moved to Franklin Forks, Pennsylvania a few years earlier – in the thick of the Marcellus shale fracking boom. After WPX Energy began operations at two nearby fracking wells, their water now contained methane, putting family at risk for fire or explosion.

A state investigation found heavy metals and flammable methane in their tap water, so WPX was asked to install a backup water tank for the family to use, and things started to improve.¹

But this fall, WPX obtained a court order to seize the Mannings’ water tank.

Green Century’s allies at Environment America and PennEnvironment contacted us. We quickly organized a shareholder response letter, asking WPX to reverse its plans.

And it worked: WPX agreed to continue providing drinking water to the Mannings and other affected families. Now, Tammy and her family at least has the water they need to drink, cook, and bathe safely.

To learn more about this important story, take a look at Environment America’s short video, “Learn the Truth About Fracking.”

Tyson Foods* Phasing Out Pig Gestation Crates.

For years, industrial pork producers have used gestation crates for pregnant pigs – a practice controversial with environmental and animal rights advocates. But recently, consumer awareness and pressure has led most of the industry to move away from these crates.

All the major producers had set goals and deadlines for ending gestation crates – all but one: Tyson Foods, Inc., the world’s largest meat producer.

Last fall, Green Century worked with the Humane Society of the U.S. and the Methodist Board to pressure Tyson Foods on the issue of gestation crates. With just weeks left before a shareholder vote at its annual meeting on our proposal, Tyson agreed to our request, and sent a letter to its farmers stop using gestation crates.

This is a big change – and you can read about the results in Green Biz.

Shareholder Advocacy Works. Thanks again for your interest and support.


Leslie Samuelrich, President

Green Century Capital Management


*Neither of the Green Century Funds owns any shares of Tyson Foods Inc., or WPX Energy, Inc. as of December 31, 2013. Green Century Capital Management, the administrator of the Green Century Funds, occasionally buys positions in various companies that do not meet the Funds’ environmental standards, for the purpose of enabling Green Century to advocate for what it considers to be important reforms. References to specific investments should not be construed as a recommendation of a security by the Funds, their advisor, administrator, or distributor.

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