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Shareholders Successfully Urge Bed Bath & Beyond* to Reduce Toxic Chemicals

Contact: Lucia von Reusner (617) 482-0800

April 17, 2014: Following pressure from shareholders, Bed Bath & Beyond has taken steps to reduce chemicals of concern in the products sold on its shelves.  The shareholder proposal filed by the Green Century Equity Fund, the Sustainability Group of Loring, Wolcott & Coolidge, and CHE Trinity Health was withdrawn after the company published a Restricted Substance List (RSL) that encourages its suppliers to reduce or eliminate the use of certain chemicals of concern.¹

“Consumers shouldn’t have to worry about exposure to toxic chemicals when they go to bed at night,” said Lucia von Reusner, of Green Century Capital Management. “We hope Bed Bath & Beyond’s decision to disclose a Restricted Substance List is the start of a new trend to make sure that customers can sleep easy knowing that their chemical toxicity concerns are being addressed.”

The proposal was prompted by growing public concern about the presence of toxic and cancer-causing flame retardants in household furniture, particularly baby products.  A recent report by the Center for Environmental Health found harmful levels of flame retardants present in children’s furniture purchased from Bed Bath & Beyond and several other major retailers.²

“Toxic ingredients have no place in everyday products. We applaud Bed Bath & Beyond for taking clear steps to manage and reduce the chemical-related risks in its supply chain and encourage other retailers to follow suit,” said Larisa Ruoff of the Sustainability Group, the lead filer of the proposal.  “These actions will have a positive impact on customers, the planet, as well as the company’s bottom line,” she continued.

Bed Bath & Beyond’s policy extends beyond just those chemical ingredients intentionally added to its products, to also cover those used in the manufacturing process—a move that can improve worker safety and reduce chemical use more broadly. In addition, Bed Bath & Beyond updated its Corporate Social Responsibility report to provide increased transparency around the company’s policies and practices to address chemical risks in its supply chain.

“Consumer preferences often shift faster than regulations; therefore, we are pleased to see that the company includes substances where there may be harm to human health beyond those covered by existing legislation,” said Richard Liroff of the Investor Environmental Health Network, which assists shareholders engaging on toxics-related issues. “Regulations are a lagging indicator so proactive companies will be rewarded in the marketplace,” he continued.

“We commend Bed Bath & Beyond for these actions and will continue to work with the company as it implements these policies,” said Cathy Rowan, of CHE Trinity Health, a co-filer of the proposal.

Bed Bath & Beyond’s commitment follows similar announcements by Walmart* and Target* to encourage suppliers to reduce the presence of toxic chemicals in products sold through their stores.

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