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All Fund Distributions

The per share dividend for each of the Green Century Funds is below.

Income dividends are paid semi-annually and capital gains, if any, are paid annually (generally in December).

Fund NameShare ClassTicker SymbolIncome Dividends Dec 2020Income Dividends Jun 2020Capital Gains Dec 2020 - Short TermCapital Gains Dec 2020 - Long Term
Green Century Equity FundIndividualGCEQX$0.0561/share$0.1186/share$0.0934/share$0.4151/share
Green Century Equity FundInstitutionalGCEUX$0.1284/share$0.2635/share$0.0934/share$0.4151/share
Green Century MSCI International Index FundIndividualGCINXn/a$0.0754/sharen/an/a
Green Century MSCI International Index FundInstitutionalGCIFX$0.0140/share$0.1060/sharen/an/a
Green Century Balanced FundIndividualGCBLX$0.0223/share$0.0560/share$0.0392/share$1.0862/share
Green Century Balanced FundInstitutionalGCBUX$0.0311/share$0.0560/share$0.0392/share$1.0862/share
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