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Green Century Media Mentions

View a selection of our most noteworthy mentions within the media:

  • What is 'shareholder engagement' -- and does it matter?
    GreenBiz ESG/Finance – September 14
    Read Green Century President Leslie Samuelrich’s GreenFin article on What is real ‘shareholder engagement’ and does it matter? In the article, Leslie sheds light on what to look for and what can be misleading in the proxy voting process, company engagement and shareholder advocacy.
  • P&G Takes Heat From Environmentalists Over Charmin and Bounty Supply Chain
    Fox Business – August 17
    Green Century’s shareholder proposal with Procter & Gamble was highlighted again in a Fox Business article showing that Charmin and Bounty are under pressure to switch from using wood pulp to recycled fibers in their products. Green Century Shareholder Advocate, Thomas Peterson celebrated their efforts saying with time, this will help reduce its environmental impact.
  • Who Leads, Who Lags on Sustainable Finance Policy
    GreenBiz – August 17
    Green Century was highlighted in a GreenBiz article along with Trillium and Walden for their consistency in pushing portfolio companies on ESG performance.
  • 'Hating ESG': Advocates Are Looking to Replace the Label
    Bloomberg – August 17
    Green Century President Leslie Samuelrich was mentioned in a Bloomberg article highlighting why advocates are looking to replace the label ‘ESG’. She says it leaves investors in the dark, just when they need more clarity on it. She also says ESG is about using relevant material factors to measure how a company handles risks, it is not about sustainability, or making an impact.
  • Exclusive P&G Faces Reckoning Over Charmin, Bounty Supply Chain
    Reuters – August 17
    Two years ago, Green Century won majority support from shareholders on a resolution calling on Procter & Gamble to issue a report on its efforts to eliminate deforestation. This week, Reuters featured Green Century in an article to highlight its recent shareholder proposal from July with P&G. The proposal calls on the company to strengthen its policy on deforestation. Shareholder Advocate, Thomas Peterson was quoted in the article saying P&G’s new efforts are a step in the right direction.
  • Climate Lobbying Proposal Attracts Support at Tesla AGM
    Corporate Secretary – August 10
    The Green Century and Nathan Cummings Foundation shareholder proposal asking Tesla to ensure that its lobbying aligns with the goals of the Paris Agreement was highlighted along with other remarkable votes from this proxy season in this Corporate Secretary article. Specifically, majority votes at FirstSource and The Home Depot are cited. Green Century President Leslie Samuelrich and Shareholder Advocate Andrea Ranger share their concerns about Tesla's lack of published guidance on its public policy and private lobbying decisions.
  • Tesla Prevails Over Most Activist Shareholder Proposals
    The New York Times – August 4
    In a recent New York Times article, a Nathan Cummings Foundation and Green Century shareholder proposal asks Tesla to disclose information about aligning its government lobbying with efforts to limit climate change.
  • AGM Round-Up: Record tallies but did investors pull their punches?
    Responsible Investor – July 5
    The analysis of the recently concluded shareholder season highlights Green Century’s key role in shaping the vote results on environmental issues. Beginning with the season-opening majority vote on our proposal at Costco, the article also highlights the “incredible” 95% vote at Jack in the Box on our plastics proposal and our majority vote at Home Depot on deforestation."
  • Environmental Shareholder Advocacy: Winning What Really Counts
    ESG Clarity – June 27
    In ESG's latest column, Green Century President Leslie Samuelrich reflects on Green Century's contributions to what she calls "the best AGM season for the environment on record."
  • Investors Balk at Tough Climate Proposals: 2022 Proxy Voting Roundup
    The Wall Street Journal – June 22
    Green Century's shareholder proposals with Costco, Jack in the Box, Home Depot, and Kroger are highlighted in this feature on the results of the 2022 proxy season. These proposals were among a record number of wins for shareholder advocates on environmental and social issues this year.
  • Nearly Half of Amazon Shareholders Agree: Time to Cut Back on Plastic Packaging
    Grist – June 14
    Green Century's successful plastic reduction work is highlighted in this feature on plastic-related shareholder proposals. Shareholder Advocate Annalisa Tarrizo explains that investors have shown "heightened interest in the plastic pollution crisis" in this proxy season.
  • Climate Shareholder Resolutions Flood into Proxy Season for a Record Year
    Fortune – June 6
    Green Century's landmark shareholder proposals at Costco and Jack in the Box feature in this deep dive into a record-breaking proxy season, which also highlights Green Century's successful negotiation with Kroger to set science-based emissions targets.
  • Amazon Investor Proposal to Review Plastic Use Narrowly Fails to Clear
    Reuters – May 27
    A shareholder proposal that Green Century co-filed at Amazon urging the company to reduce its plastic use achieved near-majority support from investors. It received the highest vote of the 15 shareholder proposals presented at this year’s annual meeting and the highest ever vote on an environmental resolution at the company.
  • ESG Resolution Round-up: Engine No. 1 Votes Against Paris-Aligned Targets Proposals at Exxon and Chevron
    Responsible Investor – May 27
    This roundup of a crucial week in the 2022 proxy season highlights Green Century's proposals calling on insurers to end fossil fuel underwriting, and features majority votes on Green Century proposals calling on US Foods to reduce its climate impact and Home Depot to address deforestation in its supply chains.
  • Major Insurers Face Shareholder Votes Over Climate Ambitions
    E&E News – May 18
    ClimateWire discusses the Green Century proposals going to a vote at The Hartford and Chubb’s shareholder meetings. Shareholder Advocate Andrea Ranger contends that these companies are “going to have to go in [the] direction of moving away from insuring fossil fuels.”
  • Green Century Pulls Resolution as Kroger Sets Climate Targets
    ESG Clarity – May 17
    Kroger, the largest grocery chain in the US, is setting high-ambition emissions reduction targets in response to a shareholder proposal from Green Century. Read more from ESG Clarity about how it happened and what it means.
  • CVS Sets A New Standard for Retailers on Reducing Plastic Waste
    Triple Pundit – May 6
    A Green Century shareholder proposal persuaded CVS Health to set a goal to reduce virgin plastic use in its store brand packaging by 50% by 2030. The announcement caps off what Triple Pundit dubs a “banner proxy season” for Green Century’s Preventing Plastic Pollution campaign.
  • How Public Resolutions Can Lead To Backroom Climate Deals
    E&E News – May 2
    Climatewire highlights Green Century's successful engagement with Citigroup on its deforestation policies in an article exploring how shareholders use resolutions to secure improved climate policies.
  • Texas Stumbles in its Efforts to Punish Green Financial Firms
    NPR – April 29
    Green Century president Leslie Samuelrich spoke to NPR about the Texas state government's anti-divestment efforts. "I don't think this is going to affect demand at all," she says. "In fact it might spur more people to realize that they can invest fossil fuel free."
  • Big Brands Targeted For Plastic Reduction and Refill Commitments in 2022 Proxy Season
    Waste Dive – April 27
    Green Century’s success this proxy season pushing companies like Office Depot and Jack in the Box to reduce their plastic use is featured in this deep dive from Waste Dive, a leading waste and recycling publication.
  • Barbie Is All Virgin Plastic For Now -- But Mattel's Pledge For Less Packaging and Recycled Toys Means Change is Coming
    MarketWatch – April 27
    Mattel’s newly announced plastic reduction goal is “a step forward in having children enjoy their favorite toys without parents dealing with unnecessary plastic packaging,” according to Green Century President Leslie Samuelrich.
  • Investors Crank Up Pressure on Companies With Record Climate, Race Proxy Proposals 
    Bloomberg – April 25
    This Bloomberg article on the record-breaking proxy season highlights Green Century's proposals with Costco, Home Depot, and UPS.
  • Greenwashing 101: How to Decipher Corporate Claims About Climate
    Washington Post – April 21
    Green Century is pushing Travelers to measure and report emissions generated by its customers and investments and asking the company to stop underwriting environmentally destructive fossil fuel projects.
  • SEC Shift Fuels Surge in Climate-Linked Proxy Proposals
    Politico – April 17
    Green Century continues to submit proposals with insurance companies like Chubb, Travelers, and The Hartford, encouraging them to record their emissions output from underwriting activity and adopt more sustainable practices.
  • Costco and Walmart: A Tale Of Two Supply Chains
    GreenBiz - April 11
    Green Century shareholder advocate Thomas Peterson comments on the challenges and opportunities for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from retail supply chains.
  • Investors Fight Against Plastic Packaging
    Morningstar - April 8
    Green Century encourages fast-food restaurant, Jack in the Box, to issue a report on how it could improve its environmental sustainability efforts through a sustainable packaging policy.
  • Insurers Chubb, Travelers and The Hartford face climate proposals
    Corporate Secretary - April 7
    Green Century's proposals asking top fossil fuel insurers to stop underwriting policies that cover new fossil fuel supply survive a challenge at the SEC. Shareholder advocate, Andrea Ranger, explains that their 'business as usual' approach delays a much-need transition to clean energy. 
  • Chubb Faces New Kind of Shareholder Vote Over Fossil Fuels
    ESG Clarity - March 22
    Despite Chubb's challenge at the SEC, Green Century proposal asking Chubb to stop underwriting new fossil fuel development will go to a vote.
  • Investors say U.S. SEC climate disclosure rule to clarify 'mixed bag' of data
    Reuters - March 22
    Green Century president Leslie Samuelrich is quoted, praising the inclusion of scope 3 emissions in the proposed SEC climate disclosure rule.
  • No More 'Cover' for Oil and Gas Companies
    Grist – March 21
    SBTi worries that oil and gas companies could be using science-based target commitments to give the appearance that they’re actually reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Russian's War Prompts a Pitch for "Socially Responsible" Military Stocks 
    New York Times – March 4
    In the midst of the Russian invasion into Ukraine, Green Century president Leslie Samuelrich responds to the notion that investing into the stocks of companies that make weapons is socially responsible.“ Those who argue that weapons belong in a sustainable portfolio are capitalizing on the horrific attack,” she said. “Excluding military and civilian firearms has been a long-held screen by authentic responsible investors.”
  • What To Expect From the 2022 Proxy Season
    Morningstar – February 18
    Morningstar's proxy season preview recommends that you "watch out for Green Century Capital Management," noting early-season wins at Costco and Jack in the Box and president Leslie Samuelrich's nomination to the McDonald's board of directors.
  • Proxy Season Heats Up for ESG Proposals 
    Portfolio Advisor – February 18
    Portfolio Adviser observes that the 2022 proxy season will likely see record levels of climate-related and social proposals at large companies and highlights Green Century’s groundbreaking shareholder proposals at Costco, Corning, and Hain Celestial on setting science-based greenhouse gas reduction targets and at Jack-in-the-Box on eliminating single-use plastics.
  • Climate Disclosure Poses Thorny Questions for SEC as Rules Weighed 
    Wall Street Journal – February 18
    This article on potential SEC-mandated climate disclosures quotes shareholder advocate Thomas Peterson, who argues in favor of comprehensive emissions disclosures to avoid incentivizing greenwashing or outsourcing emissions.
  • Influential Fund Manager Green Century Tells Big Insurers to Drop Big Oil
    MarketWatch – February 16
    MarketWatch highlights Green Century’s unprecedented shareholder action aimed at holding Chubb, The Hartford, and Travelers accountable for continuing to underwrite new fossil fuel supplies. Green Century filed shareholder proposals with each company asking for underwriting in alignment with global net-zero benchmarks, and all three insurers challenged the proposals with the SEC.
  • Environmental Investment Group Claims Win in Tyson Packaging Vote 
    Plastics News – February 15
    A majority of independent shareholders backed a Green Century shareholder proposal urging Tyson Foods to reduce its plastic use.
  • Coca-Cola Criticized for Plastic Pollution, Pledges 25% Reusable Packaging
    Reuters – February 10
    A Green Century shareholder proposal spurred the announcement of Coca-Cola's industry-leading reusable packaging goal. 
  • Coca-Cola to Boost Use of Refillable Bottles in an 'Industry-Leading' Move Against Plastic Waste
    MarketWatch – February 10
    MarketWatch examines Coca-Cola’s new reusable packaging goal, which was prompted by a Green Century shareholder proposal, and quotes Environment America, an affiliate of Green Century’s nonprofit owners.
  • Chemours Pledges to Avoid Mining Near Okefenokee
    Georgia Public Broadcasting – February 4
    This article highlights Chemours' pledge not to mine near Georgia's Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, secured in response to Green Century's shareholder proposal on the issue. Green Century's Thomas Peterson asserts that Chemours' pledge signals that "titanium mining next to the refuge is a non-starter.”
  • Behind That Bombshell Shareholder Vote at Costco
    Investment News – February 3
    An in-depth look at the story behind Green Century's successful shareholder proposal, quoting president Leslie Samuelrich and shareholder advocate Thomas Peterson, who describes the Costco vote as "an initial salvo in a multiyear campaign to push the food and agriculture sector to get moving on climate."
  • After Defeating Costco, Investors Push Food Companies to Detail Greenhouse Gas Output
    Morningstar – February 2
    An in-depth look at the story behind Green Century's successful shareholder proposal, quoting president Leslie Samuelrich and shareholder advocate Thomas Peterson, who describes the Costco vote as "an initial salvo in a multiyear campaign to push the food and agriculture sector to get moving on climate."
  • What The Wall Street Journal Missed About Sustainable Investing
    Morningstar– January 28
    The 70% vote on Green Century's emissions reduction proposal at Costco serves as the kicker in this defense of sustainable investing from Morningstar's Jon Hale.
  • Costco Shareholder Vote Signals Focus on Supply-Chain Emissions
    Wall Street Journal – January 26
    The Wall Street Journal features the 70% vote on Green Century's climate proposal at Costco, underlining the importance of the proposal's focus on supply-chain emissions and featuring commentary from Green Century President Leslie Samuelrich.
  • Climate Activists Poised to See Big Gains in 2022
    Bloomberg Green – January 26
    Bloomberg highlights the majority vote on Green Century’s pathbreaking climate proposal at Costco’s annual meeting, quoting Green Century President Leslie Samuelrich on the significance of the vote.
  • Costco Profits Surge; Shareholders Vote for Faster Cut in Carbon Emissions
    Seattle Times – January 21
    Costco’s hometown newspaper reports on a landmark majority vote in favor of a Green Century proposal, calling on the company to cut carbon emissions faster and more aggressively than previously planned.
  • Google Faces Shareholder Pressure to Amend Repairs Policy 
    MarketWatch – January 11
    Green Century files a shareholder proposal with Google’s parent company, urging it to make product repair more accessible to consumers and independent repair shops.

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