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How Lowe’s is Using Supplier Education to Tackle Scope 3 Emissions

Lowe’s has doubled the number of suppliers reporting emissions by offering educational webinars and consulting services led by Campbell Weyland. Prompted by Green Century Capital Management, Lowe’s has also published a wood sourcing policy and expanded emissions data on its products, which, as Weyland highlights, “range from tomato plants to lawn mowers.”

Green Century: Taking Action on Nature Via Engagement

Green Century Capital Management, with over $1 billion in AUM, is actively engaging with companies to address biodiversity risks, recently urging PepsiCo to assess and disclose its environmental impact. Green Century’s mission is to enable investors to achieve significant environmental impact alongside risk-adjusted returns.

Big Asset Managers Silent over ESG Backlash

In the face of record outflows from U.S. sustainable funds, major asset managers have gone quiet amid the ESG backlash, with Leslie Samuelrich, president of Green Century Funds, stating, “If it’s too hot, let them get out of the kitchen and leave us authentic firms to stand up to the fossil fuel industry.”

Analysis: More Nature-Related Shareholder Proposals Trigger Corporate Resistance

Investor interest in nature-related shareholder proposals has surged this year despite rising corporate resistance, with Andrew Shalit shareholder advocate of Green Century noting, “Shareholder resolutions are advisory regardless of the number of votes they garner, and every shareholder willing to vote against management is significant.”

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