Can You Guess Which Plant Puma Recently Started Using to Produce Shoes?

Climate change and environmental degradation are problems we can’t run away from, but thankfully some corporations are stepping up to the plate. For example, Puma,* a holding in the Green Century MSCI International Index Fund, is turning recycled materials into high-performance sportswear.

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As part of its plan to make its entire product range more sustainable, Puma has begun selling shoes made with sugarcane and recycled materials.

Better Foam, which first appeared in Puma’s footwear products last summer, contains at least 35% bio-based materials derived from sugar cane. The parts of the sugar cane plant which are not destined for food production are blended into traditional foam cushioning to make Better Foam. In 2021, Puma announced that by 2025, nine out of ten Puma products would be made of more sustainable materials.

Puma is also reducing its use of plastics in its operations and has set a goal to eliminate single-use plastic bags from its stores no later than 2023. Puma is doing more than just reducing plastic pollution, however.

It is also working to cut carbon emissions in line with the Paris Agreement across its value chain, from its own offices, vehicle fleet, and manufacturing sites to its supplier factories. Puma has made a solid start by powering its offices, stores and warehouses with 100% renewable energy. The company has also sourced 99% of its cotton from sustainable sources and aims to reduce its landfill waste by 50% and implement a take back program in all of its major markets by 2025.

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