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What is ‘shareholder engagement’ and does it matter? How to understand what an impact report really means

*Read President Leslie Samuelrich’s GreenFin article on What is real ‘shareholder engagement’ and does it matter? She explains the differences between proxy voting, engagement and advocacy… When I got to the exhibit hall at a recent sustainable investing conference, surrounded by banners of beautiful nature shots, I focused on collecting impact reports from the exhibitors.…

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Can You Guess Which Plant Puma Recently Started Using to Produce Shoes?

Climate change and environmental degradation are problems we can’t run away from, but thankfully some corporations are stepping up to the plate. For example, Puma,* a holding in the Green Century MSCI International Index Fund, is turning recycled materials into high-performance sportswear. Learn more about the Green Century International Index Fund. As part of its…

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How is Your Insurance Company Ensuring Climate Change?

Did you know that the very companies that are supposed to protect us, our families, homes and businesses from fires, hurricanes, floods and hailstorms, are also contributing to climate change?  What kinds of companies, you say? Look no further than your homeowners insurance company. 

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Company Spotlight: Union Pacific*

Union Pacific

Founded by Abraham Lincoln, Union Pacific, a holding in the Green Century Equity Fund, is the second largest freight-hauling railroad company in the U.S.

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