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Insightia Monthly interviews Annie Sanders and Andrea Ranger on all things shareholder advocacy | Going Green

Insightia Monthly magazine GOING GREEN December 2022 By Rebecca Sherratt   An interview with Annie Sanders, Director of Shareholder Advocacy, and Andrea Ranger, Shareholder Advocate, at Green Century Capital Management. Founded in 1991, Green Century is an investment advisory firm based in Massachusetts that manages environmentally responsible funds.     Green Century’s sustainability proposals target a…

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Poultry Progress, But Where’s the Beef?

The rampant misuse of antibiotics in animal agriculture is creating drug-resistant bacteria that are harming public health and threatening modern medicine as we know it. Your favorite hamburger joint is probably serving beef that is contributing to the crisis. A report released this week, “Chain Reaction: How Top Restaurants Rate on Reducing Antibiotic Use in…

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What does it mean to invest fossil fuel free?


What does it mean to invest fossil fuel free? And how do you begin to divest? This post will attempt to clarify the definition of fossil fuel free investing, and to distinguish between fossil fuel free and low carbon strategies. What does it mean to invest fossil fuel free? For Green Century, and for many…

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