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Green Century shareholder proposals go to a vote at The Hartford* and Travelers* annual shareholder meetings in May

Media Contacts: Andrea Ranger, Shareholder Advocate,, 781-349-2813; Pam Podger, Communications Director,, 802-299-9495 Boston, May 15, 2023 – Green Century’s° shareholder proposals filed with The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. and The Travelers Companies, Inc. are going to a vote at the companies’ annual general meetings on May 17th and May 24th, respectively. Green Century…

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How is Your Insurance Company Ensuring Climate Change?

Did you know that the very companies that are supposed to protect us, our families, homes and businesses from fires, hurricanes, floods and hailstorms, are also contributing to climate change?  What kinds of companies, you say? Look no further than your homeowners insurance company. 

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