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Investors Representing $9.95B AUM Back Investigation of ExxonMobil*

Contact: Leslie Samuelrich, 617-482-0800, Boston, MA — A coalition of investors representing $9.95 billion in AUM, including Green Century Capital Management and the Seattle City Employees’ Retirement System, call on the Department of Justice to investigate whether ExxonMobil* intentionally misled the public and its shareholders about climate change. “If ExxonMobil knew about the significant economic…

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Investors Call on the DOJ to Investigate Exxon*

What Did Exxon Know? And When? Investors Want to Know Recent reports indicate that ExxonMobil knew about climate change decades ago, and used its knowledge to mount an aggressive campaign to undermine climate science and delay policies to regulate and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, the fossil fuel industry’s profits have swelled while…

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